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The National Honours and Awards Act, 2001 gazatte test

Letter from the head

I welcome all Ugandans to our website page of the Chancery Department, Office of the President. On this platform I wish to share with you our mandate, achievements and future plans as envisaged in the Medium-term plan (2021/22-2024/25). Accordingly, we shall endeavour to update you on our departmental activities and programs. I look forward for your feedback and comments on how you wish to be served better.

For God and my Country.


His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa

23  - 
2009-2013 you were appointed Minister of Defence and then Minister of Justice, Parliamentary Affairs. 2014, you were appointed Vice President and doubled as a Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. On Nov 8th 2017 you were expelled from ZANU PF during the internal upheavals in the Party. This was done when you had already left the country. Nov 19th 2017, an extraordinary Session of ZANU(PF) Central Committee readmitted you as First Secretary and President while sacking former President Robert Mugabe at the same time.
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