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Vice Pressident Adressing District Leaders of Great Northern Region


The Office of the President is mandated to track, report and publicize the performance, progress and challenges of implementation of the Manifesto Commitments and the Strategic guidelines and directives in the different Ministries Departments and Agencies &Local Government:


FY 2022/23 marked the beginning of the critical implementation of manifesto 2021-2026. As a result of this, the Office is planning to organize above activity to facilitate coordination, planning and reporting on the manifesto commitments and the 23 Strategic Guidelines and Directives and evaluate the performance of different Local Governments in Greater Northern Uganda on the implementation of Manifesto commitments as alignment with their set out work plans and budgets. This engagement is in line with the approved Q3 work plan for FY 2022/23 and is proposed to take place from 21st to 25th March 2023 as a four day activity to be held at National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.

Objectives of the Manifesto Inception Meeting:

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Take stock and account the Manifesto commitments and achievements to the citizens and leaders in the Northern Region
  2. Explain and Share the synergies required in the implementation process of the Manifesto commitments
  3. Share a strategy ion how to popularize the achievements so far realized in Greater Northern Uganda.


Expected Outcomes:

At the end, we are expected to:

  1. Give accountability and validation on the extent of performance of the Manifesto Commitments and the Presidential Strategic Directives and Guidelines in the Greater Northern Uganda.
  2. Agree on proper coordination in planning, reporting, and communication of achievements
  3. Share and document the implementation of the Manifesto commitments in the Greater Northern Uganda.

Expected Participants:

Participants in this forum will include:

  1. The Top Management of OP
  2. NRM Party leadership
  3. The Government Chief Whip
  4. Local government and party leadership from Greater Northern Uganda
  5. Presidential Advisors(10)
  6. Ministry of Finance
  7. Parish Development Model Secretariat
  8. National Planning Authority
  9. Operation Wealth Creation
  10. State House
  11. Ministry of Education and Sports
  12. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
  13. Ministry of Agriculture animal Industry and Fisheries
  14. Ministry of Water and Environment
  15. Ministry of Health
  16. Ministry of Works and transport
  17. National Water and Sewerage Cooperation
  18. NALI
  19. Uganda Road Fund
  20. The Media

Methodology for Delivery


Different presentations by key stakeholders in the Manifesto Implementation process will be made with emphasis on prioritizing different commitments, achievements and alignment to the existing planning, governance structures for attainment of the desired target vision. The presentations are broad in perspective but touching the necessary steps Government must take to achieve the stated commitments.