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Socio-Economic Monitoring and Research

The Directorate is strategically placed in the Office of the President under the Political leadership of the Honorable Minister of State for Economic Monitoring (MSEM). The core mandate of the directorate is “to monitor, inspect and evaluate key government policies, programs, and projects and provide evidence based support for their effective implementation.”


To improve the implementation of the key policies, projects and programs for effective and sustainable service delivery.


Sustainable and effective service delivery for accelerated economic transformation


Enhance performance of the key government policies, projects and programs.

This Directorate is expected to regularly and proactively monitor, inspect, evaluate and advise the President and Cabinet on the performance of the economy with respect to implementation of economic Policies, Projects and Programs to ensure that appropriate measures are taken geared towards programme efficiency, effectiveness, economic value for money and overall economic growth and development. More specifically, the Directorate’s efforts will be guided by Policy decisions made by Government to eliminate red tape and economic sabotage to promote economic growth and development.

Structure of DSEMR

Economic Affairs and Policy Development (EAPD)

The functions of EAPD are Policy Review, Analysis, Impact Assessment and Research.

Monitoring, Inspection and Evaluation (M&E)

The Department of Monitoring, Inspection and Evaluation is responsible for monitoring and evaluation of Key Economic Government Programs and Projects. The monitoring function has been the most visible aspect of the Directorate with the political leadership actively engaging in field monitoring activities over the years.

Responsibilities of DSEMR

  • Monitoring and Inspection of the implementation of key Government Policies, Programs and Projects.
  • Carrying out research on key-Socio-Economic Policies to facilitate informed decision making.
  • Conducting selected Impact Assessment / Evaluations of key Socio-economic Policies, Programs and Projects’ for informed decision making.
  • Briefing the President, the Prime Minister and Cabinet on the performance of key Policies, Programs and Projects of Government.

Strategic objectives

  • To monitor and inspect the implementation and performance of the key economic policies, projects and programs in both public and private sector.
  • Carrying out research on key-Socio-Economic Policies to facilitate informed decision making.
  • To evaluate the impact of the key policies, projects and programs in both private and public sectors.
  • To facilitate dialogue meeting aimed at building consensus on how to address policy and program implementation gaps.