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Aim of the Program.

The intention of the program is to nurture a responsible citizen, new generation with a positive attitude to their country, to themselves and their families. According to the President, to achieve the aspirations of our country as stated in the vision 2040 our citizens need to have a right attitude and right mind sets particularly towards work, improving our competitiveness and have collective participation.

Our Clubs in schools forms the nucleus of a team of young people inculcated with the spirit of conscious discipline, Unity, hard work and Love for the country a foundation for building a National Patriotic Corps (NPC).

Our programs

  1. Ideological training-school based, national trainings and workshops for teachers and students
  2. Coordination of all Ideological development activities and patriotism stakeholders
  3. Monitoring and assessment of the impact
  4. Developing and disseminating Patriotism literature all over the country


Strategic Imperatives

  • Defeating ideological distortion.
  • Universalise Patriotism (Primary and University).
  • Enhancing Public awareness and acceptance.
  • Mandatory main streaming of Patriotism in all schools and Institutions.


Patriotism Values

  1. Love, Loyalty and Sacrifice
  2. Responsibility, Discipline and Duty
  3. Endurance, Resilience and Adherence.
  4. Hard work, Time management and Excellence
  5. Pan Africanism and East African integration
  6. National pride, Cultural roots and heritage
  7. National symbols
  8. Environmental protection and conservation
  9. Godliness


Core messages to all Ugandans

  • Being Patriotic and loyal to Uganda is a constitutional duty.
  • Patriotism spirit is not in born but developed and nurtured with deliberate effort.
  • Patriotism Ideology builds a citizen’s National Consciousness leading to a peaceful, united and a prosperous country.
  • Patriotism program is non partisan

Students in schools are inspired and encouraged to:

  1. Concentrate on their studies, acquire knowledge and build Uganda.
  2. Be morally upright: read Bible or Quran.
  3. Engage in sports and physical exercises (healthy body and mind)
  4. Value hard work and engage in gainful work and aspire to be self-sustaining.
  5. Respect their parents and help them in household chores
  6. Aspire to have prosperous and successful families in future with loving and dependable partners.