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NRM Manifesto Week

NRM Manifesto Week, 2023



The Office of the President, through the Manifesto Implementation Unit is mandated to track and monitor progress of the implementation of the commitments in the NRM manifesto 2021-2026 and the 23 Presidential Strategic Guidelines and Directives in all Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments.                                

In reference to the above therefore, the Manifesto Implementation Unit is preparing to host the Manifesto week. This annual event provides an opportunity to celebrate, take stock of the cumulative milestones and achievements of Government and to project feasible ways in which the overall targets will be achieved with in the five years mandate.  

FY 2022/23 marked the beginning of the critical implementation of manifesto 2021-2026. Government introduced the Parish Development Model as a vehicle for extending Government services to the citizens to stimulate wealth creation. This model will specifically, enable data gathering, area based enterprise selection and development, cooperatives and financial services development, community mobilization and mind set change.

The Financial Year 2022/2023 also marks the midterm implementation period of the Manifesto.

The Manifesto week therefore is organized to appreciate these manifesto milestones and share strategies for better implementation.     

In light of the above the purpose of the Manifesto week is to:

  1. Take stock and account for the Manifesto commitments and achievements to the citizens.
  2. Explain and Share the synergies required in the implementation process of the Manifesto commitments
  3. Identify implementation challenges of the manifesto commitments to determine the way forward.
  4. Share a strategy on how to popularize the achievements so far realized.

Expected Outcomes:

At the end, we are expected to:

  1. Give accountability and validation on the extent of performance of the Manifesto Commitments and the Presidential Strategic Directives and Guidelines in Uganda.
  2. Agree on proper coordination in planning, reporting, and communication of achievements
  3. Share and document the implementation of the Manifesto commitments so far realized.

Expected Participants:

Participants in this forum will include:

  1. Ministers from the various MDAs
  2. NRM Party leadership
  3. Presidential Advisors
  4. Parliamentary Presidential Affairs Committee Members
  5. Operation Wealth Creation
  6. Office of the President Team
  7. Civil society Organisations
  8. The Media



  1. Preparatory Engagements

The Manifesto Implementation Unit is to constitute a committee chaired by the Director, Manifesto Implementation Unit which will steer all the preparatory activities for the forthcoming activity and all the relevant stakeholders. The MIU team will work closely with the Ministry of ICT to engage the media to support the activity.

  1. The Press Conference:

This is intended to launch this activity. It will take place on the 12th, May, 2023 at the Office of the President Conference Centre. The activity will officially be launched by the following;

  1. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister: Who will give a general over view on the implementation status of the Government Programmes and Projects.
  2. Rt. Hon. Secretary General: Who give highlights of the general performance of the NRM Party in the last three years.
  3. Hon. Minister for the Presidency:  Who will host the Conference and there after invite the Hon. SG for the Launch.


Presentations by the Hon. Ministers who will lead their technical teams will be made on the status of manifesto implementation from 2021 up to present. This will be followed by the question and answer session from the participants. These will begin on 15th May, 2023.

  3. Radio and TV talk shows

These will be held at the Conference Centre and at Local Government Level clearly explaining the progress and achievements of the NRM Government in the last three years in relation with our Manifesto. This will help the local communities appreciate the unrivaled and enormous contribution of the NRM Government in lifting and improving the livelihoods of Ugandans. RDCs and other Local Government officials will appear on their local TVs and Radio stations to explain Government programmes and the milestones of the NRM Manifesto in their localities for the last three years.

 4. Publications in Newspapers and Electronic Platforms

  1. Publish the NRM Manifesto achievements for the last two (2) years in various Newspapers, brochures and Magazines that will be distributed throughout the country highlighting the achievements and progress in regard to the implementation of the NRM Manifesto in the last three years and the expectations on going forward.
  2. Availing information on various media and other websites for easy accessibility by the masses online.
  3. Partnering with the authorized publishers to produce our souvenir Magazine.
  4. Use of social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to spell out the achievements in the last three years and explain the way forward in the next three years.
  5. Produce the Manifesto weekly report.

The purpose of this memo is two fold;

  1. To provide to you a brief on the planned activity.
  2. To request you to approve facilitation for the above activity proposed to take place on 12th to 29th May 2023 proposed at Office of The President Conference Hall.
  3. To request you to inform the Minister for the Presidency on this planned activity.